“The Euphoric is aptly named due to its uplifting blend of psychedelic and epic instrumental anthems”
Circuit Sweet

“A Bladerunner soundtrack created by Psychedelic stoners with a penchant for synthwave, King Crimson and Black Flag”
Classic Rock Magazine UK.

“Comes with the fuzzed out edge of a stoner rock classic”
Real Gone Rocks

“They manage to cement themselves as current leaders of a new kind of progressive music, where the past is unshackled and a new urgency is added…King Crimson partying on down with Hawkwind and The Stooges while Mogwai loom menacingly in the background.”
Echoes And Dust

“Not just The Fierce And The Dead’s strongest record to date but something of a high water mark for thinky instrumentals…packed with sublime musicianship, richly detailed compositions and textured arrangements and influences from Crimson to Faith No More to St Vincent. Diverse, dynamic and destabilising. Post-Rock for a post truth era”
Prog Magazine

“Boisterous, instrumental Post-Prog…the looming shape of weird s*** to come ”
Classic Rock Magazine

“Puts the “rock” in post-rock”
Guitar Moderne

“This could well be the album that breaks them through to the big time, and it will be richly deserved. If you haven’t come across them before this, now is the time. “
Prog Archives

“Dark stuff with a trippy and joyous undertone”
Here Comes The Flood

“The Euphoric’ is a beautifully written and paced album which writhes through many different styles and moods and will leave you wanting more”
Prog Metal Madness

4 out of 5 
Total Guitar Magazine

“ bass tone; pulsing motorik drums; chiming, interlocking guitars somewhere between Afrobeat and Robert Fripp (and) shockingly brutal bursts of math-metal” 
Rock-A-Rolla Magazine

“(This) is what would’ve happened if Philip Glass had ripped up his Fulbright scholarship at the kitchen table and said “Screw you Mom, I’m gonna start a garage band”’ 
Demon Pigeon

“(Spooky Action) doesn’t just shift goalposts – it uproots them, sends them into space and puts them on another planet” 
Echoes and Dust

“…..King Crimson meets Sonic Youth” 
Here Comes The Flood

“..tuneful mathy flavoured goodness”

“…simultaneously the most restrained and the most abrasive band of the night as Fugazi and Black Flag meet Red.”
Prog Magazine

“…these chaps are some of the most intrepid explorers in rock music.”
Oliver Arditi

“There’s nothing here to bore the listener, no interminable repetition and no lack of imagination whatsoever.”
The Musical Melting Pot

“..Vast walls of emotionally charged, fuzzed out guitar noise. TFATD’s strength is their ever present melodic core” 

“Number 8. The Fierce and the Dead, On VHS” 
The Copenhagen Post – Albums of the Year

“…a totally unique sound, making all kinds of complexity very accessible in the process. Mindbending and brilliant.”
Oliver Arditi – Pick Of The Year

“…a sophisticated and edgy instrumental stew with the power to rip your face off”

“The Fierce and the Dead are somewhere between the Pixies, the Shadows and 80′s era King Crimson. Exuberant and celebratory and all about entertaining the audience” 
Comrade Robot

“Simultaneously entrancing and distinctly peculiar….this is an album of great substance, with three creative intellects sparking in unison” 
Classic Rock Presents Prog

“Like a breath of fresh air…a fine start indeed” 

“…the most beautifully vibrant instrumental rock” 

“…..Imagine if Dick Dale was in the Pixies with a Wurlitzer thrown in” Gold Flake Paint

“…a masterclass in instrumental music” 

“Powerful, multi-layered guitar effects held together with excellent bass lines and tight drumming”
Progarchy Albums Of The Year

“…their music really does take on another dimension live” 

“…..If justice is done more will learn of their talent to produce excellent music.”

“… will go away from this record wanting more”
Alternative Matter

“It exemplifies instrumental rock music at its very best. Bold, powerful and imaginative.”

“If Fugazi met Marillion in Hawaii and had mixed, umbrella drinks…”
Echoes And Dust

“The Fierce and The Dead might have given left-field music its post rock record of the year”

“An impressive spacious sound that calls to mind the likes of Mogwai et al, and is well worth a listen” 
For Folks Sake

“You will find various influences from the post-rock of Explosions in the Sky, ambient Talvihiros, creepy organ playing often found in The Bad Seeds and thrash crazy ass punk. A highly rewarding listen!”
Whatever Takes Your Fancy

“Magnificent tunes” 

“I fervently hope The Fierce & The Dead continue to push themselves to make music this unique and interesting.” 
Make Shift Reviews

“For a reatively uncompromising piece of work, (this) is a strikingly entertaining listen…this kind of intelligent, soulful, undiluted creativity
deserves exposure.”
Oliver Arditi

“This band defied all my expectations. I am absolutely amazed.” 
Tune Grape

“Contenders for post-rock glory”
Tunes News